Apod.vidry.ca is a mirror of NASA's Astronomy Picture Of the Day.

As an amateur of Astronomy and developer, I built and maintain that site to share photos and expand the info for french-speaking amateurs.
As a techonological challenge, I added a few features which might be useful for some, like export features, RSS feed.
I tried to give this site a more modern take, compare to all other mirrors I could see. I hope you'll enjoy

You can contact me from the Contact form.

Happy sky gazing


All the images on the apod.vidry.ca page are credited to the owner or institution where they originated. Some of the images are copyrighted and to use these pictures publicly or commercially one must write to the owners for permission. For the copyrighted images, the copyright owner is identified in the APOD credit line (please see the caption under the image), along with a hyperlink to the owner's location. NASA images are in the public domain, official guidelines for their use can be found here. For images credited to other owners/institutions, please contact them directly for copyright and permissions questions.

Neither NASA nor apod.vidry.ca can grant permission to use copyrighted images. For use of these images, please write to the copyright owners.


Translation by Jerome Vidry
Authors and editors : Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (UMCP)
Technical Representative : Jay Norris
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